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 Nice to see young David's been obsessing about helicopters hard at work for Yeovil again. 

James, where and when for the Lib Dem piss-up, by the way? 

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Nothing wrong with helicopters. And don't corrupt my partner.

Of course there's nothing wrong with helicopters. They're very fine, useful things.

And do I need to point out that your partner is perfectly capable of corrupting himself?


Nonsense. He thinks people are nice.

He thinks Lib Dems are nice. There's a difference. And besides, experience will take care of that adequately without my intervention.

I'm working on it - but I haven't had much time because some of us have full time jobs, and they want to vote on the location and time

Do let Bercow know once you have decided.

Last chance to bow out of our little wager gracefully, old man.

I may be old but I can still take you down with one hand tied behind my back.

OOC: how does this work? I will regrettably be at work while Treasury Questions is on, so my participation abilities will be kind of limited at that point.

Pride comes before a fall... ...just try not to drop on to Clegg, I hear he's feeling delicate.

OOC: same. Can either watch it and rp as though in HoC later, or just rp bickering afterwards. Latter prob easier.

Don't worry, I'll be careful to land on Miliband if I have to make an emergency exit.

OOC: latter much easier, former possibly more rewarding. IDK, am so knackered weekday evenings ATM that after probably best.

Trying to double your likelihood of landing on the correct MP? I never knew you had so little faith in your aim.

Are you challenging me to take out both at once, young Peter. I've been trained how to do that, you know.

Though I can't say I've practiced in a while--might get Straw by mistake, and that would be a terrible tragedy.

You've yet to meet the challenge of getting into the House without anybody noticing in the first place. Besides, I suspect people might comment if the leader of the opposition suddenly keeled over during treasury questions.

However, if you're willing to up the ante...


....ah, but it would be too difficult, even for you. No, we shall leave the competition as it is.

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