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 Looks like someone's been messing with people's heads.

Peter, I don't suppose you'd care to tell me whether you undertook any experiments during a certain wager, by any chance? Or should I go straight to John for a second opinion?

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...I find your lack of faith disturbing. Surely you are not implying that I would cheat?

Of course you'd cheat, my boy--I'd be disappointed if you didn't.

But I would like to know how before I decide on an appropriate response.

I undertook no experiments during the course of our wager.

Of course not, silly me. An experiment might have failed at an inconvenient moment.

That is the nature of experiments, yes, they are experimental.

Obviously I would not run something that had a chance of failing, not when my attention was focussed on remaining unseen and unheard by 649 MPs. It would be irresponsible.

And I suppose that this is not in any way an admission that you did in fact use magical means to cheat on our wager?


Well, there is technically always a chance that something might fail, so I suppose if I were to clarify, I would say that I would not run something which had not previously been tested thoroughly.

Indeed there is. Hmm.

Thank you for letting me know, Peter. That's most considerate of you. I'll endeavour to respond in an appropriate manner.

What does that comment mean?
How much do you know?
What are you up to? You know I didn't answer that question, so what are you playing at?

Not a problem, I'm glad I could clear up any misunderstandings.

I have no knowledge of being experimented upon during your wager, but then again, if I had been then I'm sure I would not have been aware of it in any case.

Hm. I was hoping that as one of Peter's guinea pigs you might be able to tell the difference.

Oh well, I suppose it can't be helped. Drink?

I wish! It would make things so much easier, but sadly he's rather good at this illusion lark.

Oh, I can't say no to a drink! Thank you.

How have you been?

Oh, well, pity.

Well enough. We had our little excitement in the Lords over the Alternative Vote but all the peers appear to have fallen back asleep again now. I suppose I'll have to go in search of some other form of excitement now.

I hear North Africa is nice at this time of year.

Yes, you lot did appear to have a fun time with that debate...

I couldn't possibly comment on the merits or demerits on North Africa at this time of year, though I trust your judgement in these matters and wish you the best of luck on your expeditions.

Well, fun may not be the right word for it, but I did get a couple of good scraps out of it.

Punching Prescott has been the most satisfying moment I've had all year. Shame he went down so easily.

Well, it's probably better to leave the revolutions to the locals, I suppose. Maybe I can start a small war close to home?

I couldn't possibly been seen to endorse such action. If it were to happen not on my watch, however, then there would be no way for me to impartially comment on the situation...

I live in constant fear of your comments, John. Don't worry, I am a responsible adult about things.

A bored responsible adult with a rocket launcher, but a responsible adult nonetheless

Well, in that case, without implying a political bias and, of course, noting that there is a significant amount of information not available to me at the current time, I trust you.

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