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 Just for the record, Liam Fox is an idiot

Looks like I should've bought a bigger rocket launcher, before Dave goes and sells them all to Libya.

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For once, Paddy, I am inclined to agree with you.

That makes a change after your passive-aggressive sniping from earlier.

*leafs through this month's copy of Arms and Armaments.*

Hmm. I'm afraid Jane will kill me if I buy another sniper rifle.

'Passive-aggressive sni....' were the one who accused me of cheating in the first place.

I suppose it depends on whether you buy her one as well, or not.

You haven't actually yet said categorically that you didn't.

Jane prefers knives--says guns are too impersonal. Maybe a new shuriken set? Hmmm.

You said you'd be disappointed if I hadn't cheated, you know how I hate to disappoint you, Paddy.

...and I thought John's relationship was weird.

What are her views on darts?

I think flabbergasted is probably a more accurate term than disappointed, really.

I'm afraid she wrecked the dartsboard with throwing knives last year. I suppose I could get her another one?

As neither you nor John have offered any proof of your respective accusations, I am forced to conclude that it does not exist and these are yet more examples of anti-Labour bias.

But, tell you what, if, within one week, you can prove I cheated during the bet, I'll make a full and public apology and repay double my winnings from last time. If not, I expect an apology for impugning my honour in the first place, accompanied by another bottle. Fair?

So, doubles or quits, is it?

Really, Mandelson. I decline.

I must say, I am a little disappointed. I half expect such timidity from John, but you, Paddy? A shame. You'll be telling me you've traded in your grenades for golf clubs next.

Peter, we both know you never make wagers unless you fully expect to win them. At least try to make the wager entertaining if you want me to take part.

And you can forget about the apology, you smug snake.

Never underestimate the golf club, old chap. They may not be grenades, but you can do a fair amount of damage with one if you know where to hit someone.

Paddy, no one makes wagers unless they expect to win them. The prospect of me making a public apology isn't entertaining enough?

I'll take your word for it.

Hmm, alright, to up the ante- if I win, you sing 'The red flag' at the next Lib Dem conference. If you win, I'll sing 'This Land' at the Labour conference. Entertaining enough?

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